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Personal anti-spam filter management (MailCleaner)

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Personal anti-spam filter management (MailCleaner)

The procedure below explains how to access/adapt your personal spam filter according to your needs.

Connecting to the management console

First, we will look at the possibilities to access the MailCleaner :

Solution 1: Access from the link in the MailCleaner report that you regularly receive in your mailbox (see image below).

This link allows you to access the console directly without having to authenticate yourself.

Solution 2: You connect from the following URL ” ” on a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and by inserting your login credentials from your email address.

Quarantine Management

When connecting to the MailCleaner interface, you will be immediately redirected to the quarantine list.

From this interface, you can perform 3 actions:

  Release the message from the quarantine: The blocked message is then allowed to reach your mailbox.

  See the content of a message: The content of the message is displayed in a new window.

  Request filter adjustment: A request for filter adjustment is sent to the analysis center with a copy of the message.

Configuration of the filtering mode

In this tab, you can change the behavior of your spam filter when receiving mail and the frequency of sending quarantine reports.

Adding an address to the White/Black List/Newsletters lists

  • The white list contains addresses of trusted senders, for which no quarantine holds will be made.
    Warning: the use of this function should only be temporary as it decreases your protection.
  • The blacklist contains addresses of senders that you want to block. By adding an address to the blacklist, you will no longer receive mail from the specified sender.
  • The newsletter list contains the addresses of the desired newsletters.

In order to add an address to one of the exception lists, simply insert the address in question and click on the “Add address” option. 

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