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TeamViewer is a compact module that runs on your computer and allows EVOK technical services to provide remote technical assistance
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LibraESVA – Configure the password-less authentication from the quarantine report

From the quarantine report, you can set up the password-less authentication (authentication without a password) as described below:

Open the quarantine report you received by email.

Click in the quarantine report on the link [Click here for password-less authentication].

The following website opens:

Confirm authentication without password by clicking the [Send Email] button.

The following confirmation is displayed:

Go to your mailbox. There, you have now received an e-mail like the following example:

Click the [Authenticate this device] link to complete the configuration and access the spam filter web console.

Suivante LibraESVA – Edit settings of a user in the Mailfilter – English / Deutsch

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