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TeamViewer is a compact module that runs on your computer and allows EVOK technical services to provide remote technical assistance

Customers with the EVOK Hosted Exchange service and who have not assigned the DNS management of their domain to EVOK should enter the following information in the DNS zone of their domain in order for the Hosted Exchange service to function properly. In general, the DNS settings are accessible from the administration interface (Control panel) of your web host.

You can check the compliance of your domain settings with EVOK Hosted Exchange with the following tool:
This tool also allows you to know on which servers (and indirectly with which provider or host your DNS are managed)

MX records

These records define the servers for receiving and processing messages from your domain. They must be configured with equal priority (10)

Add the following servers with priority 10:

Autodiscover recording type SRV

This registration is required in order to allow Outook and other clients or devices to automatically obtain the configurations of the Exchange servers. Also, some important features of Microsoft Exchange such as out of office messages are based on this recording. If your DNS administration interface does not allow you to create SRV type records, please contact the technical support of your DNS service provider and ask them to add the record for you

Create an SRV type record in which you replace domain.suffix with the following line (or fields according to the table below)

_autodiscover._tcpTTL IN SRV 0 0 443


SPF TXT record

This registration allows anti-spam systems to check that messages sent with your domain name actually come from our servers and help improve security and reduce fraudulent or unsolicited messages (spam). If the SPF record is set incorrectly, some servers may refuse to relay emails.

Create a TXT type record with the following content:

v=spf1 a mx -all

You can test your SPF registration at the following link:

If you also send emails from servers other than EVOK’s servers (for example if you have a website that is not hosted by EVOK and from which you send emails with your domain name , you must also allow this server in the SPF record otherwise messages sent from this server may be refused by recipients. Some web services like Salesforce, MailChimp or others require specific SPF settings. Please refer to their respective documentation)

Type A @ record

Some email clients will try to access the domain ( in https to retrieve an autodiscover file.

If there is a type A @ (domain root) record and the SSL certificate returned to that address is not valid, a certificate error may be displayed.

If you have a website and you want to use the domain without www to access it (eg, it is important to activate SSL and that the certificate is also valid for this name.
If this is not possible, the @ type A record should be deleted to remove the certificate errors.
If your website is also hosted by EVOK, you can activate a free SSL certificate in your site’s administration console ( or ask us to do it for you.

You can test that the certificate corresponds to the domain on the following link:

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